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Tadoba National Park

Tadoba National Park


Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is one of the most popular tiger safari destination of India. It is located at Maharashtra state in Central India. It is one of India’s 47 project tiger reserves existing in India. It lies in Chandrapur district of Maharashtra which is also referred as Vidarbha region. This beautiful wild paradise is situated 45 km close to Chandrapur District of central Indian State Maharashtra, and is about 150 km from Nagpur city which is the nearest airport for visiting Tadoba national park. Its name 'Tadoba' is derived from the name of God "Tadoba" or "Taru" whiich is praised by local tribal people, whereas "Andhari" is derived from name of Andhari river. It is believed that Taru was the village chief who was killed in an fierce encounter with Tiger and thus a shrine was made in remembrance of God Taru. This region was predominantly ruled by Gond tribes which had their own Kingdom in large area of Central India. Their descendents are still can be seen in local villages.

Safari Season

Tadoba national park is open for visitors from 15-Oct to 30-June every season. Despite of this, limited safari is possible from 01-Oct on current booking basis. Tadoba national park remains closed on Tuesday but buffer zones remain open. Similarly all buffer zones remain closed on every Wednesday but core zones will remain open. Here Moharli, Pangadi & Zari, Kolara and Navegaon zones are core safari zones. Thus majority of hotels and resorts are located nearby these gates. If you are staying close to any one of these core zone entry gate then it is possible to visit nearby buffer zones, if core zone tickets are not available or they are closed. In such case it is important to know which buffer zones are accessible from any particular core zone thus accordingly you can book safari permits. Booking safar permit of any wrong buffer zone, which is too far will become a reason of problem and inconvenience thus check below given table to understand nearby buffer zone names.
Mohurli Gate
Pangadi & Zari Gate
Kolara Gate
Navegaon Gate
Junona Zone
Pangadi Aswal Chuha Zone
Kolara Chauradeo Zone
Navegaon Ramdegi Zone
Adegaon Zone
Zari Zone
Alizanza Zone
Nimdela Zone
Devada Zone
Keslaghar Zone
Madnapur Zone
Agarzari Zone
Zari Peth Zone
Shirkheda Zone
Mamla Zone
Unlike Bandhavgarh, Kanha national park, Pench national parks (Madhya Pradesh), here camera fee is charged separately, according to lens dimensions. Tadoba national park safari charges for Foreigner tourists is more than Indian tourists. Online safari booking is available for tourists. Here safari tickets costing system is littble bit typical or not a user friendly process. They maintain 3-4 different type of rates which sometimes become difficult to remember. If you book safari ticket in advance period of 60 to 120 days then you have to pay higher. If you book safari tickets in advance period of 0 to 60 days then you have to pay normal charges. Also if you are looking for safari tickets in week-days (Monday to Friday) they price is normal but if you are looking for tickets in Week-end i.e. Saturday & Sunday, then you have to pay higher. This costing difference will prevail in both modes i.e. 0-60 days advance period and 60-120 days advance period. Sometimes it becomes painful for normal customer to understand such a cumbersome & uncertain pricing policy. In name of restricting tickets black-marketing, authorities had compromised with convenience of normal tourists which is not justified. Normal tourist is paying price for failure of park authority & black matertiers.


Vegetation of Tadoba forest is of Southern tropical dry deciduous type which is spread on around 626 sq. km. Teak is the prominent tree species in Tadoba forest. Their is few lakes in Tadoba forest area which ensures rich in water resources for the park and nestles rich aquatic life. Among them Irai lake is one well known among tourists. It remains filled with water throughout the year, even in extreme summers. These lakes are also the prime residential place for marsh crocodiles, those were knowing once to spread in across Maharashtra. If you have visited other national parks of this region like Kanha national park, Nagzira, Pench national park etc. you may not like the jungle of Tadoba due to dryness in the region, human presence close to park area. Although its tiger sighting index is good but jungle is not so impressive.

Major part of this forest is thrived in hilly area; it covers the Chimur Hills, and Andhari sanctuary covers Moharali & Kolsa ranges, so many hillocks, terrains provide shelter to wild animals, since it is considered that this park has a great accessibility & sighting of many wild beasts, wild-lovers from many parts of the country & world arrives here. Being popular gradually for its dense forest area, smooth meadows and deep valleys and moreover to all is the good sight-seeing of tiger despite being low numbers, the park has a great potential & atmosphere to stabilize more numbers of tigers with extending park area.


Tourists are mainly reaching Tadoba national park from Nagpur city. This forest is a popular tiger safari destination. Large number of wildlife photographers prefer this destination. Here accommodation services are now good with introduction of new professional resorts and safari lodges. Accommodation facilities are mainly concentrated among two of its popular entrance gates i.e. Kolara Gate, Mohurli gate, Navegaon gate. We offer resort booking service for Tadoba resorts. For visiting these hotels, car rental service is available from our side.

Taxi Service

Tadoba national park taxi service is available from our side. We are providing tourist taxi service to all the customers who are reaching Tadoba national park from Nagpur or Chandrapur. Our tourist vehicles are available for Nagpur to Tadoba national park or vice versa. It is the nearest airport for teaching this popular tiger reserve. Similarly we are operating taxi service from Chandrapur to Tadoba national park.Our services are available for all popular entrance gates like Mohurli, Kolara, Navegaon, Khutwanda etc. Resorts are located near these popular entrance gates due to which tourist hire taxi cabs for all these entrance gates. Online taxi booking service is available from our side. Just fill-up below given form and submit to us.

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